Thursday, April 21, 2016

Porting Over Grimmsgate to White Star

Last summer I ran the Swords & Wizardry adventure Grimmsgate for my D&D 5E group, and it has proven itself to be an interesting and enjoyable adventure. I have already written ideas about converting it to Stars Without Number, but here I will present my ideas about using it as a White Star adventure.

The Ancient Temple becomes an old research lab, which once upon a time housed a crazed AI. Three powerful Star Knights defeated the said AI after it wreaked some havoc on a nearby world, and brought it, locked in a datacube, to a research lab where it would be studied and stored safely. The facility had some robotic laboratories and a medbay as well. Eventually, as the tides of civilization receded and the world became quite a barbarous backwater, the facility's staff become little more than an atavistic religious group, following ritual after ritual in place of the old protocols. A young initiate, Arumvel his name, tried to breathe some technological life into this dying ritual, and used his dataport - implanted into all initiates in a barely-functional initiation ritual - to jack into the mainframe into which the AI was locked and "chained". The old AI quickly "hacked" Arumvel's brain and brainwashed him into releasing it into the facility's still-functional computer network, using the remaining robotics to murder the other initiates and priests. However, it was unsuccessful in subverting the facility's own stable AI (the "Tomb Guardian") which still controls some of the robotics. Using the facility's high-tech medlab, the AI converted Arumvel into a full cyborg equipped with a nanite-cloud weapon. Arumvel now captures local farmers and transforms them into crazed cyborgs (the "Mogura-Jin") under his - and the AI's - control. The AI would wish to eventually take over the area and rebuild communication arrays in order to transmit itself into passing ships... Unless someone stops them.

The PCs will be hired by the regional government to investigate disappearances in the remote outback village of Grimmsgate (or Givat-Giram) near that facility...

Conversion Notes:

The demon Vuod - crazed AI
The Tomb Guardian - stable AI security system
Arumvel - now a powerful, nanite-using Cyborg!
Mogura-Jin - full Cyborgs!
Cursed Humans - Cyborgs with partial implants (due to dwindling supplies).
Undead skeletons - humanoid service robots.
"Powerful" undead skeletons - security robots (also humanoid in shape)
Etarra and Albraith - locals captured and kept restrained to tables in the medlab pending Cyborg Conversion!
Manes Demons - improved robots under AI control.
Paladins - powerful Star Knights (placed in cryogenic storage but dead due to the AI's machinations)
Fane - mainframe
Altar - backup mainframe; orb is replaced by a dataslab with full data backup.
Dragon on the regional map - local apex predator capable of flight and breathing flame/acid
Golden Treasure - ancient high-tech components fetching a high price on the black market


  1. I totally endorse this -- it's awesome!

    1. By the way, Matt, I couldn't find your e-mail address; please drop me a message at golan2072 -at- gmail -dot- com and I'll send you several complimentary copies of S&W-compatible products I have published through Stellagama Publishing.