Sunday, December 22, 2013

[ACKS] Dinosaur, Carnotaurus

The Carnotaurus is a large, though lightly built, predatory theropod, specializing in ambushing its prey. With teeth like swords and a bite force eclipsing that of a large crocodile, a Carnotaurus hunts dinosaurs larger than itself, tearing their flesh in bestial ferocity. While lacking the bulk of larger predatory theropods, the Carnotaurus is capable of attaining impressive speed, attacking the prey from surprise. As an ambush predator, it gains +2 to all Surprise checks. While untameable, this dinosaur is a popular foe for gladiators to fight in the arenas of Kanahu.

[ACKS] Dinosaur, Ankylosaurus

Armoured to the hilt with bony plates and armed with a massive club of a tail capable of crushing most predators, the Ankylosaurus has the abilities, as well as the necessary temper, to defend itself from any perceived threat. This herbivorous dinosaur is quick to anger, and views most other creatures of Man-size or larger as potential predators, hence to be minced with its crushing tail. At the length of 30' and with a weight of 6 tons, this is a difficult, but rewarding, challenge for hunters, and its meat may feed an entire tribe of barbarians for a few days.

[ACKS] Dinosaur, Alamosaurus

The Alamosaurus is an enormous sauropod herbivore, ranging up to 80' in length, with a shoulder height of 20' and a weight of approximately 30 tons. At this size, even Tyrannosauruses will hesitate to attack, unless the Alamosaurus is weak, or a youngster separated from its herd; when in a herd, virtually no predator will dare hunt this giant creature. An Alamosaurus, therefore, has little to fear from predators, and is rarely aggressive unless cornered, or unless defending its young. When it does attack, however, it uses its sheer weight to trample any smaller aggressor; against Human-sized or smaller creatures, it gains +4 to-hit to such an attack. While some tribes and city-states tame Alamosauruses to serve as giant beasts of burden, their slow pace and non-aggressive nature make them ill-suited to use as war-beasts.

[ACKS] Digester

The Digester, created from dinosaur stock by foul magicks, is a hunting and eating machine equipped with a powerful acid-spraying natural weapon where its head should have been. It stands about 5 feet tall and is 7 feet long from snout to tail and weighs about 350 pounds. When it is not hungry (which is rarely), it lies low and avoids most other creatures. When hunting, it looks about for a likely target, then charges forth and delivers a gout of acid. If the initial attack is insufficient to kill the prey, the digester attacks with its hind feet until it can spray acid again. As an ambush predator, the Digester has +2 to all surprise rolls.

A Digester may spray acid in a 20-foot cone, dealing 4d8 points of damage to everything in the area. Once a digester uses this ability, it may not use it again for 1d4 rounds. The creature may also produce a concentrated stream of acid that deals 8d8 points of damage to a single target within 5 feet. In either case, a save vs. Breath Weapons halves the damage.