Friday, January 28, 2011

A Dream about Cthulhu and R'Lyeh!

This morning, just before awakening, I had a proper Lovecraftian dream.

I dreamed that I am standing in an improvised bus depot in a remote place, waiting for a bus to come to take me home, when it happened. The ground cracked, long shadows were cast on it, fishlike abominations appeared, and a huge, lumbering figure - which my dream tagged as Cthulhu - appeared. In the background, out of a dormant lake, the blackish city of R'Lyeh arose. And I was running, running...

Then I remember exploring R'Lyeh, which felt like one of the weirder levels of the Thief: Dark Project computer game, with very strange artifacts, writings in a squarish alien script, and strange, spectral guards... There were other humans around, exploring, becoming mad...

And it all felt so real!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Anarchist Gangers WIP

I've started converting a bunch of Rebel Minis 15mm Post-Apocalyptic Survivors and Biker Gangers into anarchist gangers for post-apocalyptic gaming (they could also be used as gangers for Traveller). So here is the initial work-in-progress: