Monday, April 30, 2018

In the works: Cauldrons & Casseroles: a gamer's cookbook!

Art by Hannah Saunders
We at Stellagama Publishing are now hard a work on... A gamer's cookbook! The writer is the very talented Hannah Saunders, an RPGer and superb cook, who brings to the table a wealth of recipes ready for easy consumption while gaming. From pies to spring rolls, it aims to put home-made refreshments on the gaming table

From Hannah's introduction to the book:

"For quite a while, I have believed, as a Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast and a role-playing gamer in general, that our community deserves way better refreshment than the mere Mountain Dew or coke and cheese puffs while playing our beloved games.

Me myself being both an aficionada of role-playing games and a fantasy and science-fiction fan, I have decided to dedicate a whole book to recipes inspired by those universes (or, rather, multiverses): Cauldrons and Casseroles...

Aboleth Bites
The dishes themselves are also practically suited to the game as an activity, by being typically food items of the hand-held type and do not require any utensils or any other fiddly equipment, and therefore function as appropriate, casual snacks.

In addition, the dishes have been given highly-imaginative, playful and picturesque names in order to immerse the cook even more within the experience, and to complement the course of the adventure story taking place.

As role-playing games are becoming an increasingly popular pastime and hobby for many in our current culture for quite a while, I reckon that a tradition of gaming food and drinks should evolve accordingly. Since cocktail parties or sport events, for instance, have evolve their own food traditions, there is no reason role-playing games shouldn't either...

I hope this book will inspire all of you to sharpen your kitchen wizardry skills and make some gastronomic magic happen!"

Phoenix Breast Wraps
Stay tuned!