Friday, June 10, 2011

15mm BTR-70s by QRF

I'm pleased with the 15mm BTR-70s made by QRF; not only are they perfect for historical, ultra-modern and near-future games, but BTRs also fit perfectly, IMHO, as sci-fi wheeled AFVs with the right camo scheme.

So here they are:
And a closer look at one of them:

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Space Cockroach's Vehicle Works part 3

I've primed my vehicles today, applying two thin layers of thinned white Gesso primer to each model. Tomorrow, hopefully, I'll paint the BTRs.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

March of the Machines

I've started basing a reinforced platoons of Automatons, who could be, IMHO, excellent stand-ins for Terminators if you'd like. They'll see some serious sci-fi use in my service, as well as PA combat.

I love these minis, like all newer stuff: solid, very little flash and quite detailed. Just perfect!

So here they are:

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Space Cockroach's Vehicle Works part 2

More 15mm vehicles have been built, and now await priming and paint!

First are four Robotanks ( Tracked Heavy Automata) for a sci-fi project, but these could have post-apocalyptic uses as well:

Second are three BTR-70s (from QRF) to serve in STALKER games, as well as in my Valieskan Civil War ultramodern setting:

Third is a Rebel Minis Merka5 MBT, to serve as a Merkava VIII for my Unholy Land (post-apocalyptic Israel) setting:

Fourth is a Khurasan Miniatures Red Banner tank, in Red Lightning configuration, with some updates, for sci-fi gaming:

And, finally, a comparison shot of all of my current vehicles:

And yes, that Khurasan Red Lightning is H-U-G-E!

The Space Cockroach's Vehicle Works part 1

I've started working on the vehicle part of my 15mm 'lead pile'.

First is an armoured car with a minigun, using a Light Tank, for my sci-fi Mars Project:

Second is an MBT, using a Khurasan Miniatures Red Banner tank, for another sci-fi use:

I'll prime them sooner or later; I think I'll paint both with a "dirt planet" (Mars) rust-red/black/brown camouflage scheme.

A problem I have with that tank is that the barrel is a very heavy metal part, and thus has sunk down toward the chassis despite good amounts of contact glue.