Monday, May 2, 2016

Coming soon for Traveller from from Stellagama Publishing!

Stellagama Publishing is now hard at work on Traveller products, which will be published through Mongoose Publishing's Traveller's Aid Society (TAS). We have previously published several products for another sci-fi ruleset, White Star, but we are now getting ready to publish for Traveller as well!

We have the following two products in layout phases:

The Bronze Case: A thrilling planetside adventure for Traveller involving a mysterious woman, corporate espionage, gang wars, car chases - and the eponymous sealed Bronze Case. Will the players overcome enemy spies, road gangsters, and bad weather and deliver the case to its destination? Scheduled for mid-May 2016

From the Ashes: Ever wanted to transcend death, or outright cheat it? This supplement provides the Traveller Referee and player with rules for resuscitating characters whose three physical characteristics have been reduced to zero - at a (sometimes terrible) cost of course - as well as high-tech ways of bringing back the dead, with all sorts of attendant side effects and unintended circumstances! Scheduled for mid-June 2016

We also have one large product in late editing and art phases:

Space Patrol!: Fight pirates, interstellar gangsters, and assorted scum and villainy all over the Empire! Uphold Law and Justice! Includes career options, brand-new starships with full stats and deck-plans, rules and details regarding legal systems and legal process in your Traveller game - and much, much more! Scheduled for Autumn 2016

And we are working on even more Traveller products! Stay tuned for future releases!


  1. How about stuff for non-Mongoose original Traveller?

    1. This unfortunately has license issues - as the only versions with licenses we can use for commercial publications without paying Marc Miller individually are for the two Mongoose versions. But much of teh Mongoose stuff is compatible with CT as well, with (relatively) minor modifications. Especially the OGL rules.