Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Bronze Case - New Traveller adventure from Stellagama Publishing

Stellagama Publishing is proud to present: The Bronze Case! This 20-page adventure for the latest version of the Traveller sci-fi RPG throws the characters into an exciting tale of corporate espionage and criminal intrigue on a backwater world where gangs rule the roads and corporations play dirty. Between drones and gunfights, between highway chases and avoiding pursuers, excitement is guaranteed!

In The Bronze Case, the Travellers encounter a woman desperate to escape an attack by persons unknown. She needs them to help her deliver a mysterious bronze case to a facility hundreds of kilometres away, but the attackers are not far behind!

Will the intrepid Travellers protect her and her precious cargo or will rival corporate spies and road gangs have the upper hand? It's up to the bravery of the Traveller crew to determine!

This adventure is set on a mid-tech, habitable planet and can be quickly inserted into any existing Traveller campaign. This adventure is designed to be easily dropped on a group of Travellers without disrupting their regular campaign.


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