Sunday, October 27, 2013

Barbarian Conqueror King: NPC Rulers Update

Now with Sorcerer Kings!

Harat is ruled by Hardun, sometimes called "King Hardun", a Lawful level 10 Lizardman Gladiator.

Yimara is ruled by King Balrazar, a Neutral level 11 Mage.

Khishrom is ruled by King Adyan, a Lawful level 10 Fighter.

Irem is ruled by the Merchant-Prince Argum, a Neutral level 10 Venturer.

Zarnas is ruled by the undead Eternal Pharaoh Pilsar IV, a Chaotic level 10 Sakkaran Ruinguard turned into an intelligent undead creature three centuries ago.

The City of the Crescent Sun is ruled by Lizard-Queen Xelana, a Lawful level 10 Lizardman Warrior.

The City of the Sunken Moon is ruled by Lizard-Sorceress Manatxu, a Chaotic level 10 Lizardman Witch-Doctor.

Cibola is ruled by High Priestess Nalana, a Lawful level 12 Lizardman Priest(ess).

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