Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Terrain Workshop at NEXUS

The local gaming club in Rishon LeZion (about 20 minutes by bus from where I live) called NEXUS has organized a small wargaming terrain workshop for several kids who are newcomers to wargaming. Soon we will teach them Malifaux, WH40K and maybe FUBAR or USE ME. This was in Purim (the Jewish "Halloween" equivalent) so some people did dress up.

So here is how it looked like:


  1. Hello Omer,

    Looks like a fun and growing wargames club. Good stuff!

    If they pick up USEME drop me a line and perhaps we can come up with some scenarios.


  2. Damn I feel all cultured and shit. As soon as I saw Anubis I figured it was Purim and then I read the post and found I was right. :D

    As for the terrain making, you are better men than me. Me and mine just tend to grab stuff from around the table for not just terrain, but at times even PCs. I feel sort of cheap now. :)

  3. This is just basic terrain - we'll try to build something more interesting later on.