Saturday, February 2, 2013

Infinite Stars - a New Magazine-Blog for Sci-Fi RPGs

 Art by David Reddington

For almost two years I have been editing the electronic fan-zine, Infinite Stars, for Traveller and Stars Without Number, two excellent sci-fi role-playing games. But now we have advanced with the times - and Infinite Stars has become a blog, fully interactive for the ease of your reference!

Take a loot at it HERE! Feel welcome to read and follow! You can also read it on our web-page, HERE.

I am slowly in the process of uploading everything written for Infinite Stars in the past to the blog, then I'll move to the new submissions I have received as of late.


  1. Excellent!

    I shall enjoy browsing this new blog.


  2. Did you mean "loot" or "look"? I mean I can "loot", but I am pretty sure you meant "look"". :p

    Your Friendly Neighborhood Roving Editor/Proofer.


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