Monday, June 1, 2020

Nibiru - Scar's Maw Regional Map work-in-progress

I began designing the starting region for my  prospective Nibiru sword & planet campaign setting. So, without further ado, here is the regional map (scale: 1 hex = 6 miles) of the Scar's Maw region, opening up to the Rusted Sea desert.

Eirda, Anurash, and Edin are independent city-states.

Telal is essentially Torus Tem - A fortress built by Edin as one of several to protect it from desert raiders. Now, half in ruins. Expect a nasty low-level dungeon in the nearby fungal forest.

Barzal is an independent fortified town on the Eastern Road, engaged in trade and mining., and so is Meshanna.

Helix is a small village ruled by Barzal, now becoming a "boomtown" with the winds exposing the Pyramidal Maze (Barrowmaze).

Barzal mines iron, Meshanna mines copper. They trade for much of their food with Erida, but also engage in some subsistence farming.

Helix used to engage in mushroom-forestry but now gains much more from adventurers and the business they bring.


  1. Please post a key to explain the terrain symbols.

    1. Good point - I will post one in the next post on this subject (with the next iteration of this map).