Friday, March 11, 2016

New Stellagama Publishing product - Zeta and Tuko!

The second Stellagama Publishing product - Zeta and Tuko - is out! This is also for the White Star(TM) sci-fi RPG based on the Swords and Wizardry(TM) ruleset.

Here is the product's overview:

This supplement centers on two playable character class for White Star™ - the alien Zeta with her powers of mind and rational nature and the reptilian Tuko hunters with their ambushing and climbing abilities. Together with these species comes a list of Psionics – mental powers possessed by the Zeta, some of which are similar to Meditations and Gifts as given in the White Star™ core book, while others are more unique. Additionally, this supplement adds two new starships – the archetypal Flying Saucer and the stealthy Tuko Hunter – as well as a few weapons and tools used by these two mysterious alien species.

The product includes:
- Clarified rules for stealth and two-weapon fighting.
- Zeta - "Grey Alien" playable class
- Tuko - gecko-like reptilian hunter playable class
- Hacking and Psionics rules for the Zeta
- 2 new starships
- 1 new starship modification
- 3 new weapons
- 2 new items of Advanced Technology

Fully compatible with White Star™ and Swords and Wizardry™, and highly compatible with a wide range of older-school games.

Grab it HERE!

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