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[ACKS] Dragon Incarnate Racial Template

The dragons of my Barbarian Conqueror King setting are mighty and terrible beings, warm-blooded reptiles of great power and intellect a whole notch above dinosaurs, Lizardmen and Gecko-Men. Not only are their bodies exemplars of majestic strength, but their souls, especially those of ancient wyrms, are remarkable. But when a dragon dies, its sould does not always re-incarnate into a new dragon hatchling; occasionally, such a soul is born in the body of a human baby. For reasons unknown, however, such souls are never (at least in known record, that is) born in the bodies of Lizardman, Gecko-Men or even Bug-Men hatchlings; Lizradman priestesses claim that Ixchala watches over the re-incarnation of Lizardkind and prevents the souls of such beats to be born in Lizardman bodies, but that does not explain the reason for their absence in Gecko-Men and Bug-Men.

Born with the soul of an ancient wyrm, that Dragon Incarnate is destined to greatness, be that for good or evil - though whether or not he survives far enough to fulfill his or her potential is another matter entirely. The strength of personality and sorcerous powers brought forth by the dragon-soul make such rare men and women into natural leaders. In some cases, this allowed one man to unite various barbarian tribes into a horde, making him a temporary king with great military might; but, many times, once this Dragon Incarnate falls in combat, the horde disperses, as the glue holding it together is nothing else but the Dragon Incarnate's personality.

Dragons Incarnate are, biologically speaking, humans; but, in game terms, they are a separate "race". So here I will post its stats for the Adventurer Conqueror King System (ACKS).

All Dragons Incarnate require a minimum Strength, Constitution and Intelligence of 9 or better and Charisma of 12 or better.

Class category Values:
  • Divine: Dragons Incarnate may not have a Divine Value higher than 2.
  • Arcane: Any build points allocated to the Arcane Value stack with build points allocated to the Dragon Incarnate value for purposes of determining the class’s spellcasting ability (see below).

Dragon Incarnate 0 (XP Cost 325): at Dragon Incarnate 0, the class will have the following four custom powers:
  • Soul of a Dragon: The soul of a great wyrm beats in the character's heart. The character may hire one more henchman than his Charisma would otherwise permit, and the base morale score of any henchmen is increased by 1 (renamed Blood of Kings).
  • Bonus Language: The character speaks the tongue of Dragons.
  • Dragon's Voice: The Dragon Incarnate's voice carries the majesty of a dragons' speech and an air of greatness, inspiring others to treat him with the respect due to a dragon. Thus the character gains a +2 bonus to reaction rolls with creatures he speaks to. If this bonus results in a total of 12 or more, the subjects act as if charmed while in his presence. Creatures with a WIS greater than the character’s CHA are immune to this power (and the character will know they are immune) (renamed Command of Voice).
  • Dragon's Luck: A dragon's sou makes its bearer luckier than ordinary mortals. The character gains a +2 bonus to all saving throws. This is effectively the Divine Blessing proficiency, selected as a custom power (renamed Divine Blessing).
  • Presence: The Dragon Incarnate can improve the morale of troops by his charismatic spirit and heroic presence. Inspiring courage by means of Presence requires a few moments of oration before a battle (one round), and grants the character’s allies within a 50' radius a +1 bonus to attack throws, damage rolls, morale rolls (for monsters or NPCs allied with the caster), and saving throws against magical fear. The bonus lasts for 10 minutes (1 turn). The character can inspire courage in any given character once per day per class level. The character cannot inspire courage on characters who are already engaged in combat (renamed Inspire Courage).
  • Dragon's Longevity: A dragon's soul is loath to leave its body, and carries a gift of health and longevity. Thus, the character becomes ageless and enjoys a lifespan three times longer than normal. He also becomes immune to ghoul paralysis. This is effectively the Elven Bloodline proficiency, selected as a custom power.
  • Dragon's Resilience: A dragon's soul confers its bearer great resilience in the face of death. When the character is required to consult the Mortal Wounds table, the player may roll twice and choose the preferred result to apply. The character also subtracts his class level from the number of days of bed rest required to recover (renamed Savage Resilience).
  • Strength of Spirit: The character is immune to all natural and magical fear effects.

Dragon Incarnate 1 (XP Cost 950): Dragon Incarnate + 1/3 level Mage.

Dragon Incarnate 2 (XP Cost 1,575): Dragon Incarnate + 1/2 level Mage.

Dragon Incarnate 3 (XP Cost 2,200): Dragon Incarnate + 2/3 level Mage.

Dragon Incarnate 4 (XP Cost 2,825): Dragon Incarnate +  full Mage.

Experience Point Progression After 8th Level
Dragons Incarnate increase the amount of experience required to gain each level after 8th by 50,000XP.

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