Sunday, February 9, 2014

Adventures I'd like to run in an Official Traveller Universe game

If I'd ever run an Official Traveller Universe game, which published adventures I'd like to run?

  • The Argon Gambit/Death Station (DA3). The first is "24" in Traveller, the second is System Shock. Both look very promising; Death Station can be planted anywhere, and Argon Gambit wherever there are Solomani.
  • Chamax/Horde (DA5). The first is a Bug Hunt, the other is Starship Troopers combined with a 1950s B-Movie. Very promising. Can be easily dropped into whatever campaign area.
  • Ahriy Uprising (from Alien Realms). Aslan sci-fi dig on an airless moon. What's not to like?
  • The Casteless (from Alien Realms). Droyne. And Cults. Could be transplanted anywhere with no much effort, despite the fact that originally this is set on Vanejen.
  • Research Station Gamma (A2). The world and its submarines are cool, and so are Chirpers.
  • Twilight's Peak (A3) - only if running a Spinward Marches game.
  • Prison Planet (A8) or its Mongoose version. Prison break!
  • Murder on Arcturus Station (A11) - a murder mystery fitting any asteroid belt. Could be dropped almost anywhere.
  • Siege (Challenge 25) - would work perfectly in my Outer Veil setting in addition to OTU backwaters.
  • Swift Water (Challenge 32) - finally set on a non-standard world (most adventures I've read are set on worlds with breathable atmospheres). Nice change!
  • Shadows (DA1). The map and setting themselves are cool, even if the adventure is lacking in detail. More puzzles and maybe a few more secrets would make it into a good adventure.
  • Dagger on Efate (JTAS 8) - could be a very nice miniature wargame scenario (for Tomorrow's War, mayhap?).
  • GERIA Transfer (JTAS 10) - industrial espionage; would best work on a Mars-style world (with the "storm" in this adventure being made into a dust-storm).
  • Last Flight of the Themis (JTAS 16) - MORE industrial espionage!
  • Without a Trace (JTAS 18) - Belter intrigues.
  • Raid on Stataorlai (JTAS 20) - Aslan politics and intrigue! 


  1. I have written about several of the JTAS adventures on my blog, in my series Amber Zone Reviews. Dagger at Efate and Coup d'Etat are two that I think would be the most fun. My current game group, where I'm the referee, is halfway through the Death Station adventure, which I have kept in my TU, and adjusted accordingly. We will see tomorrow night whether they survive!

  2. Death Station indeed is promising, though I might make it a mini-System Shock (if you know that survival-horror computer game).