Saturday, January 25, 2014

[Alkonost] Zmey-class Missile Frigate

Hull: Frigate
Power: 15/3 free
Mass: 15/1 free
Hardpoints: 6/5 free

Cost: 4,965,000
Budget Points: 25
Annual Maintenance: 3
Annual Payroll: 3
Total Annual Cost: 6

Hit Points: 40
Crew: 10/40
Speed: +2
Armour: 10
AC: 7

Weaponry: Torpedo Launcher (+3 to hit/3d8, AP 20, 20 Torpedoes in Magazine)
Defenses: None
Fittings: Spike Drive-3, Atmospheric Configuration, Ship's Locker, Armory, Lifeboats.

Standard Crew: Captain (usually Lieutenant Commander), Astrogation: 3, Communications: 3, Deck: 5, Engineering: 3, Medical: 1, Supply: 1, Weapons: 3, Marines 8. Total: 28 Crew.

First built in 3178, the Zmey-class ("Zmey" is "Dragon" in Russian) Missile Frigate replaced the old Zoriya's general-purpose patrol-boat design with an attack-centric design, using powerful torpedoes as its primary weapon. While having less "legs" than the venerable Zoriya, the Zmey is much more effective against cruisers and capital warships, as its torpedoesare  capable of penetrating heavy armour. This design proved its worth in the Sicarii campaign of 3188, where it excelled in taking out the heavily-armoured Incunablis frigates and cruisers. Unlike the Zoriya, which was designed for individual patrol missions as well as large-scale naval combat, the Zmey operates almost exclusively in squadrons organized to target armoured enemy ships.

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