Saturday, January 25, 2014

[Alkonost] Mul-class Merchant

Hull: Free Merchant
Power: 10/1 free
Mass: 15/0 free
Hardpoints: 2/1 free

Cost: 720,000

Budget Points: 4
Annual Maintenance: 0
Annual Payroll: 1
Total Annual Cost: 1

Hit Points: 20
Crew: 1/6
Speed: +3
Armour: 2
AC: 6

Weaponry: Multifocal Laser (+1 to hit/1d4, AP 20)
Defenses: None
Fittings: Spike Drive-1, Atmospheric Configuration, Fuel Scoops, Ship's Locker, 240 tons of Cargo Space

Standard Crew: Pilot/Engineer (who also controls the laser) and up to five passengers

The venerable Mul (meaning "Mule" in Russian) was the first mass-produced civilian starship in the Alkonost Republic, allowing for the first time for the small trading companies to reach out to the stars without the need for a significant government subsidy. It was produced in relatively large numbers between 3100 and 3141, becoming the staple of commercial shipping within the Alkonost Cluster, from Iele through Alkonost to Poludnitsa. While having a large cargo hold, it was only capable of carrying a small number of passengers, and was unable to reach stars outside of the Alkonost Cluster. From the 3140's and onward, it was gradually supplanted by the superior Konya-class Light Merchant, which, while having a much smaller cargo capacity, was nonetheless capable of much longer drill distances and had a larger passenger capacity. Despite this, the old Muls are still in use in the more backward systems of the Alkonost Cluster, and several were transported by the means of bulk freighter to worlds outside the Cluster.

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