Sunday, December 22, 2013

[ACKS] Dinosaur, Alamosaurus

The Alamosaurus is an enormous sauropod herbivore, ranging up to 80' in length, with a shoulder height of 20' and a weight of approximately 30 tons. At this size, even Tyrannosauruses will hesitate to attack, unless the Alamosaurus is weak, or a youngster separated from its herd; when in a herd, virtually no predator will dare hunt this giant creature. An Alamosaurus, therefore, has little to fear from predators, and is rarely aggressive unless cornered, or unless defending its young. When it does attack, however, it uses its sheer weight to trample any smaller aggressor; against Human-sized or smaller creatures, it gains +4 to-hit to such an attack. While some tribes and city-states tame Alamosauruses to serve as giant beasts of burden, their slow pace and non-aggressive nature make them ill-suited to use as war-beasts.

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