Sunday, April 7, 2013

USE ME Modern Warfare: Advanced - Under Playtest!

While me and Nikita "Fjodin's" Kondratov are hard at work on the USE ME: Twilight of the Empires Basic rules (covering the 1870-1900 period; Advanced will cover the 1900-1924 period as well), he was also working on the side on an Advanced version of USE ME: Modern Warfare, with a truckload of new options, rules and cool ways to spice your game.

Now his new rules are under playtest. He chose the rather unlikely scenario of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea vs. the Soviet Union in 1989, which turned out to be an interesting experiment in 15mm modern wargaming.

Read his full-blown after-action report (AAR) HERE!


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  2. Soviets and North Koreans are the only Cold War forces I own that have infantry and vehicles, so thats the explanation of my weird scenario. Unfortunately North Korean tanks and apc were not painted at the moment of AAR, so I used Flames of War T-34 painted in green colour (Koreans use colour similar to Vallejo Brown Violet for their vehicles).

    I have half painted platoon of 1980-2000 Americans, but only with HUMVEES. And one squad of French troops, so maybe they will join the fight in other AAR :)

    Also some Modern Warfare Advanced optional rules are in Twilight of Empires (advanced squad rules, advanced transport rules, some minor additional terrain rules), so I am testing these rules for two rulesets at same time.