Friday, December 21, 2012

The Space Cockroach's post-Hanukah Sale: VDV Platoon


Well, I have done some winter cleaning in my large 15mm miniature collection. Turns out there are many minis I no longer need, and will be happy to sell to other wargamers who'll make much more use of them.

I'll start with a mechanized Soviet Motor Rifle Platoon, circa 1980 (could be used to represent many Eastern European forces even at much later dates):

3x 15mm BTR-70s (made by QRF)
23x 15mm Motor Rifle Infantry (made by QRF)

All are painted and ready for play.

Cost is $40 for everything together including shipping by airmail anywhere in the world in a padded envelope.

For purchase or further details, please contact me - golan2072 -AT-