Monday, November 26, 2012

ACKS: The Dark Project - Mapping Inspiration

By the way I found a resource for inspiration for my campaign map:

Their "city region" map provided above is, on a rough estimate, about the size of an ACKS Campaign Map. How did I calculate this? The City is almost directly to the north from Cyric, and the site says that Cyric is 12 days of foot travel from the City. A day of foot travel by a lightly encumbered person on a road in ACKS is about 24 miles (actually 27 miles, but let's say that it's about 24 miles for the sake of simplicity, factoring in more rest periods and taking care to avoid highwaymen). So, Cyric is 12 24-mile hexes to the south of The City. That's about one quarter to one third of the entire map length from north to south, so the map is about 36-48 hexes long.Quite similar to an ACKS Campaign Map!


  1. It's been a lot of years since I played The Dark Project, but doesn't the whole world consist of The City and The Wilderness? Is there any mention of other cities or countries in any of the Thief games?

  2. There are several cities mentioned in Thief, such as Blackbrook, Bohn and Cyric, and Thief 2 even mentions "oversea colonies". But wilderness DOES abound in this setting.