Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Space Cockroach's Vehicle Works part 2

More 15mm vehicles have been built, and now await priming and paint!

First are four Robotanks ( Tracked Heavy Automata) for a sci-fi project, but these could have post-apocalyptic uses as well:

Second are three BTR-70s (from QRF) to serve in STALKER games, as well as in my Valieskan Civil War ultramodern setting:

Third is a Rebel Minis Merka5 MBT, to serve as a Merkava VIII for my Unholy Land (post-apocalyptic Israel) setting:

Fourth is a Khurasan Miniatures Red Banner tank, in Red Lightning configuration, with some updates, for sci-fi gaming:

And, finally, a comparison shot of all of my current vehicles:

And yes, that Khurasan Red Lightning is H-U-G-E!