Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Space Cockroach's Vehicle Works part 1

I've started working on the vehicle part of my 15mm 'lead pile'.

First is an armoured car with a minigun, using a Light Tank, for my sci-fi Mars Project:

Second is an MBT, using a Khurasan Miniatures Red Banner tank, for another sci-fi use:

I'll prime them sooner or later; I think I'll paint both with a "dirt planet" (Mars) rust-red/black/brown camouflage scheme.

A problem I have with that tank is that the barrel is a very heavy metal part, and thus has sunk down toward the chassis despite good amounts of contact glue.


  1. You might need to pack something under the base of the tank barrel to prop it up, or pack the sides of the barrel where it fits into the turret - I used a small piece of paper on either side of the barrels of my CMG Grav Tanks to effectively jam them in the slot of the turret. This gave the glue time to set - I also supported the barrel in the required position and left it to dry overnight.

  2. I actually put a piece of Milliput under the barrel, and this helped a bit.

  3. Just drill a hole in the barrel and in the turret socket and then use some stiff metal wire to connect both more problems!