Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Cleaning - RPG Books for Sale

As part of my yearly spring-cleaning, I've decided to sell some of the RPG books I no longer use, both in Hebrew and in English.

I live in Rehovot, Israel, but thanks to the modern shipping services, I can send the books to anywhere you live in the world.

The following prices include shipping; shipping to Europe, the UK and the US costs a similar amount.

You can pay by PayPal.

Please send me an e-mail through my Blogger profile if you are interested and we'll talk the details.

I have the following books for sale:

AD&D 2E in English
The Complete Wizard's Handbook - $15
The Complete Priest's Handbook - $15
The Complete Thief's Handbook - $15
The Complete Fighter's Handbook - $15
Traveller in English
Classic Traveller Books 0-8 in one volume reprint
- $25
Mongoose Traveller Book 1: Mercenary - $15
Shadowrun 2E in Hebrew
Shadowrun 2E Core Book - $20
Mercurial (Adventure) - $15
Shadowrun 2E in English
Rigger 2 - $15
Shadowrun 3E in English
Shadowrun 3rd Edition Core Rules - $25
Shadowrun Companion 3rd Edition - $15
Cannon Companion - $15
Magic in the Shadows - $15
Matrix 2 - $15
Man and Machine: Cyberware - $15

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