Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Cleaning - 15mm Miniatures for Sale

As part of my spring-cleaning campaign, I've decided to sell any surplus 15mm miniatures which are getting no use and are taking up considerable space in my two storage boxes.

All prices below include shipping. I live in Israel, but shipping worldwide takes bout 2-3 weeks and is inexpensive for such small packages. payment is through PayPal.

PM me and we'll finalize a deal. :D

Rebel Minis SAS Assault Group + SAS Elite Team (unpainted, partially based)

20 miniatures in total, $10 in total.

Rebel Minis Armed Gunmen (Painted)
12 miniatures in total, $6 in total.

Spriggan Miniatures SPUG (painted)
4x Drone Squad (6 figures each)
2x Omega Drones
1x Spug Heavy Support Weapon
4x Spug Scout Bike

Total 27 miniatures and 4 vehicles, $14 in total.

Stan Johansen Miniatures Draco Infantry (Painted)10 miniatures in total, $7 in total. Megopolis Police Patrol8 miniatures in total, $5 in total.

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