Wednesday, March 6, 2024

What's New in the Second Edition of The Sword of Cepheus?

The Second Edition of The Sword of Cepheus refines and redefines the game, upgrading it for greater usability and playability by a wide variety of players with varying playstyles. Among the changes, you may find:

  • All-new A5 layout for maximum portability and readability.
  • The well-loved art of the first edition supplemented with new high-quality artwork.
  • Mechanics are now 100% compatible with the bestselling Cepheus Deluxe: Enhanced Edition sci-fi rules. Add sorcerers and mythical monsters to your Cepheus Deluxe interstellar campaign! Add lasers and grav vehicles to your The Sword of Cepheus game!
  • Both random and non-random character generation mechanics - your group can now choose whether it likes to trust its fate to the dice, or design the characters your players want.
  • Brand-new sorcery rules. No more "shaded magic" and corruption; more frequent mishaps and mutations replace the old Corruption mechanic. No more weak spells! All sorcery is powerful and dangerous - as it should be in a sword & sorcery tale!
  • No more digit-string "UPPs"; more readable NPC and monster stats.
  • Much less "standard fantasy" elements among spells, monsters, and magical artifacts. More original and genre-appropriate content.
  • Depending on stretch goals being met, non-human species and careers, expanded equipment, and superscience rules!

Layout samples:

Coming to Kickstarter late March 2024!


  1. This sounds sick! Would you be open to the idea of licenshing a translation or at least tal about it? If you are we could talk in, because I was a fan of the previous edition of Sword of Cepheus and this changes sound awesome!

  2. Yet another S&S game that wants to make sorcerers into mutants. Something that didn't happen in Howard's work and makes sorcerer characters unplayable, especially the seductive sorceress archetype a la Tascela from Red Nails. I'm really unsure why game makers do this, Warhammer has a lot to answer for I guess.

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  6. This second edition sounds like a fantastic update, especially with the compatibility with Cepheus Deluxe. The new sorcery rules and less standard fantasy elements really stand out as great improvements. Can't wait to see the final product!