Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Reignited Stars

Emblem of the Solar Union

A post-apocalyptic Classic Traveller setting I am thinking about is as follows, briefly, as a more elaborate and less standard replacement for Harsh Beginnings:

  • In the 22nd century, humanity colonized the near stars (TLs 9-13), mostly near Earth, but eventually around a Quadrant of space.
  • Apocalyptic war between the power blocs of Earth, spurred by eco-collapse and techno-shock, mostly devastating Earth, and the core colonies.
  • With most starships and all shipyards gone, the surviving (mostly further away) colonies were left to their own devices.
  • Eventually (circa 350 years later), some colonies, as well as Earth, regained interstellar technology and began expanding.
  • One prominent power is the Solar Union (TL9) - an authoritarian (but not totalitarian) state created by the union of slowly recovering Earth, surviving Martian colonies, and asteroid Belters. The Solar Union sees all human space as rightfully belonging to it and seek to liberate it from warlords and petty dictators the way it liberated Earth from wasteland raiders and warlords.
  • By default, PCs are "Detached" members of REA - the Reclamation and Exploration Agency. Think of a more aggressive Scout Service, or something like the TNE RCES, combined with a "marshal service" of sorts. The Solar Union sees itself as the legitimate government of all human space, and planetary governments not aligned with it as various post-apocalyptic warlords (like the ones the Solar Union defeated on Earth itself...). So, REA is tasked with exploring space, reclaiming pre-Collapse technology, establishing Solar sovereignty when possible, and preparing the ground for military operations if the local governments take an anti-Solar stance. Plus, maintaining the law on far-flung colonies and reclaimed worlds.
  • Solar Union "marines" are called Starborne Infantry, or SUSI (Solar Union Starborne Infantry). Called "Mother Susie" by the troops; or "The Sushi" by their foes...
  • Former colonies vary from worlds dead for the past 350 or so years, regressed colonies, tin-pot dictatorships, and genuinely recovering worlds, some even establishing their own multi-world interstellar polities (mostly TL9, too).
  • Science feels "hard" but isn't necessarily "hard". "Black box" alien artifacts permit gravitics, even grav vehicles. Flying cars! Expensive but possible. Adventure may take precedence over realism, as is customary in CT.

What do you think?


  1. I really like this set up. It allows for so many possibilities. I prefer the lower tech level myself. I like the nicknames for the infantry.

  2. Low Tech "Hard Times" settings are I think work best for Traveller, you get realism from today's technology and a pleather of different types of scenarios. In Safe Areas you can do standard Third Imperium type scenarios, and then in the "Wilds" you can run "Save the World" Scenarios, and you can come up against more challenging enemies where you need to bring in the Marines or Navy to save the day, all where the characters can be pivotal in the outcome of sector changing events. MTU is much like this.