Saturday, December 29, 2018

Dark Nebula 2900 - Astrography work-in-progress

I have made some progress in developing the astrography of my Dark Nebula OTU variant. I rolled UWPs for most worlds, except for the Aslan worlds and a potential Droyne world (I want to re-read both alien modules before I roll these worlds). You can find them HERE. You can find the full-res map HERE. It appears that the Dark Nebula setting has a lot of hellholes and marginally habitable worlds - perfect for frontier adventuring. There are also several habitable worlds, of course, but most of space is alien and not necessarily hospitable. I also jotted down a few notes from the UWP generation process, which you can see in the linked spreadsheet.


  1. More hostile worlds gives a more 'modern' flavour maybe?

    1. In some ways, yes. And they make life interesting.