Wednesday, October 11, 2017

TSAO flavor text - Terran wartime song - Let our Gauss guns speak!

"Lidia" Thiragin* used to rule us
And our sons and daughters to abduct.
"She" had ther claws on our throat -
Now it's time for our Gauss guns to speak!

"Lidia" Thiragin demands
That we surrender to her rule.
"She" sends her saucers to subdue us -
In reply, our Gauss guns speak!

"Lidia" Thiragin ordered Cicek
To charge at our soldiers.
But the Cicek are no fools -
In reply, their Gauss guns speak!

"Lidia" Thiragin sent her saucers
To turn back our fleet.
Our s​pacemen ​answer with missiles -
And we let our Gauss guns speak!

Granny Vera** answered the Greys:
"No surrender, no retreat!"
We have received her orders:
Let your Gauss guns speak!

* Head of the Reticulan House Thiragin which once ruled Terra.
** Terran wartime president Vera Singh.

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