Monday, January 23, 2017

TSAO teaser: 300-ton Terran Shaka-class Light Military Transport

This is the shape of things to come for These Stars are Ours (TSAO), an upcoming new space-opera setting for the Cepheus Engine and 2d6 Sci-Fi OGL games from Stellagama Publishing. Here is the 300-ton Terran Shaka-class Light Military Transport.

After the War, the Terran Navy decommissioned and sold off many of its ships, as part of the general mobilization of the Terran fleets. The Shaka-class Transport was decommissioned in large numbers and sold as a light freighter or merchant ship – of course after being stripped of most of its military-grade equipment. While unarmed, it is quite easy to rearm, and it remains as rugged and reliable as ever – and thus is a favorite ship of merchants and explorers prowling the frontier.

Deck plan and render by Ian Stead.


  1. What is the timeline for release TSAO?

    1. We were hoping for a release in Christmas 2016 but deck plan art na dlayout took more time than we have anticipated. Hopefully we will publish it in late February or early March 2017.