Monday, July 2, 2012

Proletarian - to Suit!

Here are my work-in-progress 15mm "Cavalry" powered suits for the Commune (Neo-Soviets) of my Novi Stalingrad 2072 wargaming settingn (using USE ME Post-Apoc rules). The figures are, ironically, Neo-Japanese walkers by Kremlin Miniatures, as these look more "Soviet", IMHO, than their Neo-Soviet ones. Anyhow, these are highly recommended figures and a joy to paint!

I still need to base them, add red star decals (bought from QRF), and spray them with a matte sealer.


  1. I've been looking at these figures ever since they were released, I think your right they have a retro Soviet feel to them.

  2. A T34 on two legs certainly. Good stuff!

    I would like to see the USE ME stats for them once you get them on your gaming table.


  3. I will *DEFINITELY* post USE ME cards for all my units when they'll be ready.