Friday, March 23, 2012

USE ME Eldrich Horror is up for pre-order!

The Ultra-Simple Engine for Miniature Engagements against Eldrich Horror, or, in short, USE ME ELDRICH HORROR, is up for pre-order on the site!

And who is its proud author? ME!

This is a rules-light, fast-play ruleset based on the old USE ME SCI FI rules by Gavin Syme, now re-designed for epic battles of hardy investigators against Lovecraftian horrors from beyond space and time. It includes rules for all the genre's essential elements, from sanity checks through artefact research to tentacles - and vile sorcery! The default setting is the 1930's England, but it could be easily used for modern gaming as well.

As the author of this work, I highly recommend it; it has been fun to write, and it will be fun to play!

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