Friday, November 29, 2013

Unifying my Blogs

Flag of the Alkonost Republic
I have decided to unify two of my blogs - Alkonost Rising and this Space Cockroach's Hideout. So I'll post future Alkonost material here piecemeal. What is the Alkonost Sector?

The Alkonost Sector is an area of space set in the Stars Without Number universe, which is home to 26 worlds and 4 polities. While the “lower” half of the sector is relatively well-developed and engaged in inter-polity wars, the “upper” half is relatively backwards and primitive – and up for grabs for whomever could overcome its dangers. In addition to Humans, one alien races is present – the insectoid Zuziik, as well as the sentient (and Unbraked) AI Cores of the Incunablis Machine Empire.

This area of space is rife with conflict and intrigue and has a long and bloody history. Therefore, opportunity for adventure abound. Just to name a few, there are civil wars on Ashera and Chemosh, a cold war between the Liberated Worlds, the Incunablis Machine Empire and the Kedeshian State, conspiracies within the Restored Alkonost Republic, roving Inheritor merchant-pirates, industrial strife on Svarog, TL5+ artefacts amongst the ruins of Ashtoreth, Witch-queens on Baba Yaga, tribal strife on Zariya – and many more.

Once each chunk of Alkonost proper would be ready, it will be published either on my Infinite Stars fanzine/blog or commercially.

Speaking of commercial material, will you be willing to buy Alkonost (i.e. a third-party sector for Stars Without Number) material for a reasonable sum? I have Kevin Crawford's (SWN's creator) permission to do this, but will publish it for money only if there will be a demand for it. The reason I'm asking is that a commercial product would mean being able to hire an artist or two for some serious art; otherwise, I'll publish it for free on my Infinite Stars fanzine, HOWEVER this will be with much less art and a much simpler layout. What do you think?

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