Sunday, June 26, 2016

Coming July 1st from Stellagama Publishing: From the Ashes!

Coming July 1st from Stellagama Publishing:

From the Ashes!
Advanced injury, death, and resurrection rules for the 2d6 Sci-Fi OGL!

Death lurks among the stars, forever waiting for the unwary Player Character. From laser beams and bullets to the teeth of alien predators to the vacuum of space travel itself, death is, unfortunately, common in the far reaches of the cosmos. However, human (and alien) ingenuity pushes back at death and injury, with the constant progress of medicine. At high tech levels, deadly wounds and even death itself are no longer absolute: medicine can repair a broken body, replacing dead flesh and bone with plastic and steel, or alternatively re-growing dead tissues with advanced bio-medicine. This booklet details advanced technologies, from trauma medicine and trauma surgery available even at lower tech levels, to cyborg conversion replacing body parts with bio-mechanical systems and defying death, to advanced bio regeneration capable of bringing the death back from the very maw of death.

This product will include:
- Trauma surgery and recovering from deadly wounds - at a price!
- Less forgiving injury during character generation!
- Critical hits on personnel with gruesome effects!
- Cheat death by becoming a cyborg!
- Build yourself a new body with Bio-Regeneration!

100% compatible with the 2d6 Science-Fiction OGL Rules!

Friday, June 17, 2016

White Box Rogues for Swords & Wizardry: White Box

Stellagama Publishing proudly presents: White Box Rogues!

Gold glitters in the coffers of noblemen and in the hoards of dragons. Vast riches exchange hands in the bazaars of the city. Gems of untold value adorn the dead lying in their crypts. All of these, and more, call for the cunning merchant, or even the mighty swordsman, to take them by mercantile or martial prowess. They also call to the cutpurse, the burglar, the footpad – in short, their glitter summons the thief from the shadows, to lay their grubby hands on such fabulous treasures and take them, usually with their owners none the wiser. Similarly, the intrigues of nobles often devolve into cloak and dagger affairs, with emphasis on the dagger and the poison dart; into this world of conspiracy and deceit, steps the assassin, perhaps held on retainer by some corrupt noble to fell their rivals, or perhaps a murderer for hire.

Myth and legend, as well as more modern fantasy literature and even contemporary film and digital media, include – side by side with knights, wizards, and holy men – also thieves, rogues, and assassins. From Hermes the god of thieves (among other things) to the Merry Men who stole from the rich and gave to the poor, from a Halfling hired to burgle a dragon's den to a lone, cynical urban master-thief caught in schemes of ancient gods – the life of such criminals is a life of adventure, danger, and a potential to gain wealth beyond the lout's wild dreams. This product caters to this mythical and fantastic archetype by presenting an Assassin class and a Thief class to the Sword & Wizardry: White Box™ game, with additional expanded and clarified rules for stealth and for trafficking on the Black Market, as well as some of the tools of the trade of such outlaws and scoundrels.

The supplement includes:
- Expanded and clarified stealth and loot-fencing rules
- Assassin character class
- Thief character class
- New weapons fit for rogues!

Fully compatible with Swords and Wizardry™: White Box, and highly compatible with a wide range of older-school games.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Coming this Summer from Stellagama Publishing: The Plague Ship!

Coming this August from Stellagama Publishing - The Plague Ship!

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The Medium Transport “Koschei” silently hurtles through space at an odd trajectory, transmitting a garbled distress signal. Its engines are offline, its reactor in minimal power settings, and lights flicker erratically from its viewports. What has happened to the “Koschei”? From where did it jump, and why did it fall silent? The intrepid heroes – brave Star Marines, unlucky salvagers, or perhaps hapless colonists carried into cryo-storage on board the ship itself – will have to investigate this deadly mystery, laser in hand and with an eye always watching the corners. For the Plague Ship “Koshcei” bears dark horror, ready to corrupt and devour any who cross their paths with it.

This short horror adventure, designed for the White Star(TM) sci-fi role-playing game, is intended for 4-8 characters of levels 1-3, of varied classes. It confronts the player characters with alien horrors from stars unknown on board a derelict starship which once carried colonists to distant worlds, but which was infected and infested on the way. Prepare your trusty laser, and watch your back!

This is an adventure I really enjoy writing - horror, exploration, and colonial marines! What's not to like!

  • Full deck plans for a Medium Transport with detachable cargo pods
  • Open-ended spaceborne horror adventure. The players decide what to do with the infested ship
  • 5 new monsters - xenoparasite-infested mutants, mutated biomass, and a maintenance drone
  • New weapons - flamethrowers (!), heavy lasers, dartguns, and gas grenades
  • Play as colonial marines! Or as shipboard survivors; or as salvagers
  • 3 page-long printable handouts for your players' reading pleasure

Stars Without Number version also in the works!

Stellagama Publishing Summer Sale!

I am pleased to announce Stellagama's Summer Sale - 25% off all Stellagama Publishing titles until June 17, 2016, to celebrate the summer! Enjoy our wonderful products, now at an excellent price!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Reviews of The Bronze Case

So far, two excellent blogs have reviewed The Bronze Case, a Traveller(TM) adventure written by Richard Hazlewood and published by Stellagama Publishing. Here you can read them:

Also, one kind customer has reviewed the product on the Drive Thru RPG product page linked above.

Feel welcome to read the reviews before purchasing our adventure!

Monday, May 16, 2016

The Price of Rebirth - variant injury and death rules for Swords & Wizardry: White Box!

Death lies in wait for the hapless adventurer in the dark corners of the dungeon, amidst the gnarled trees of the forest, and even in the halls of mighty kings. Even the strongest adventurer faces a constant threat of death, as the adventuring profession is not for the timid. 

However, not all heroes and villains die so quickly, even in the absence of powerful magic capable of raising or resurrecting the dead. Instead, this supplement proposes a possibility for first aid – or even ordinary healing magic – to bring back a character from the brink of death if applied in a timely fashion. But such lucky escape from the maws of hell is not without consequences.

The supplement includes:

- Critical injury and treating it - and lasting injury
- Variant Raise Dead rules with circumstances, from mild to dire
- Variant and less predictable Reincarnation rules
- Become a LICH!

Fully compatible with Swords and Wizardry™: White Box, and highly compatible with a wide range of older-school games.

Character Options - compatible with Stars Without Number

Stellagama Publishing are proud to present: Character Options Compatible with Stars Without Number!

Stars Without Number comes with a good number of Background and Training Packages, allowing for a wide range of characters. However, the potential number of professions and backgrounds in the universe is enormous; many more packages are possible. In this publication, we humbly present a plethora of additional Background and Training Packages for Stars Without Number.

Included are:

- 6 new Background Packages

- 10 new Expert Training Packages

- 5 new Psychic Training Packages

-10 new Warrior Training Packages

Get it HERE!