Saturday, January 25, 2014

[Alkonost] Type-81 Interceptor

Hull: Fighter
Power: 5/2 free
Mass: 2/0 free
Hardpoints: 1/0 free

Cost: 255,000
Budget Points: 1
Annual Maintenance: 0
Annual Payroll: 1
Total Annual Cost: 1

Hit Points: 8
Crew: 1/1
Speed: +5
Armour: 5
AC: 4

Weaponry: Sandthrower (+3 to hit/2d4+1, Flak)
Defenses: None
Fittings: Atmospheric Configuration

Standard Crew: 1 Pilot. Total: 1 Crew.

As the Incunablis Machine Empire makes extensive use of fighter-based harassment tactics, it is not surprising that the number one enemy of the Empire, the Liberated Worlds, has produced a fighter specifically designed to kill other fighters - in a word, an interceptor. While almost totally ineffective against larger military craft, the Type-81 Interceptor can make short work of any Incunablis Fighter. These cheap spacecraft are mass-produced by the Liberated Worlds, and stationed on many local outposts, mines and stations as a countermeasure to fighter harassment attacks.

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