Saturday, January 25, 2014

[Alkonost] Zoriya-class Frigate

Hull: Frigate
Power: 15/0 free
Mass: 15/0 free
Hardpoints: 6/3 free

Cost: 5,590,000
Budget Points: 28
Annual Maintenance: 3
Annual Payroll: 3
Total Annual Cost: 6

Hit Points: 40
Crew: 10/40
Speed: +2
Armour: 10
AC: 7

Weaponry: Plasma Beam (+3 to hit/3d6, AP 10), Flack Emitter Battery (+3 to hit/2d6, AP 10, Flack)
Defenses: None
Fittings: Spike Drive-2, Armoury, Atmospheric Configuration, Extended Medbay, Lifeboats, Ship's Locker, Extended Stores, Fuel Scoops, Boarding Shuttle

Standard Crew: Captain (usually Lieutenant Commander), Astrogation: 3, Communications: 3, Deck: 5, Engineering: 3, Medical: 2, Supply: 1, Weapons: 4, Marines: 8. Total: 30 Crew.

The Zorya class of multi-purpose Frigate, designed in the 3120's, was the mainstay of the early Alkonost Republic's fleet. While lacking modern protection or heavy weapons, it had, nonetheless, long-range and long-duration capabilities, enabling it to cater to the young Republic's varied and often conflicting naval needs.

These ships excelled at breaking the power of the piratical Chornaya Armada during the Coreward Police Action (3127-3128) as well as in many smaller interdiction and counter-piracy campaigns in the 3120's, 3130's and 3140's. The Zorya-class frigates started to show their relative weakness, however, in the Incunablis War (3151-3180), where the Zorya's weapons were relatively ineffective against the well-armoured Machine frigates. These ships were relegated to a secondary role in 2178, many of them supplied to the fledgling Laanese navy after the 3174 Liberation. In the 3180's, they were gradually phased out of service and supplanted by the far more modern Zmey-class Missile Frigate. Today a few ships of this class are still active in the hands of mercenaries, independent world navies, corporations, and, unfortunately, a few well-off pirates.

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