Saturday, January 25, 2014

[Alkonost] Mul-class Corsair

Hull: Free Merchant
Power: 10/0 free
Mass: 15/0 free
Hardpoints: 2/1 free

Cost: 790,000
Budget Points: 4
Annual Maintenance: 0
Annual Payroll: 1
Total Annual Cost: 1

Hit Points: 20
Crew: 2/12
Speed: +3
Armour: 2
AC: 6

Weaponry: Reaper Battery (+1 to hit/3d4, Clumsy)
Defenses: None
Fittings: Spike Drive-1, Atmospheric Configuration, Fuel Scoops, Ship's Locker, Armory, Extended Life Support, 200 tons of Cargo Space

Customary Crew: Pilot/Engineer, Gunner and 4 Pirates; potential for up to six captives

The anarchic bandit of the Upper Alkonost Cluster (Rusalka and Domovoi) were some of the first to recognize the full potential of the cheap Mul-class Merchant mass-produced by the Sirin Orbital Shipyards at the dawn of the 32nd century. These criminals, rascals and trouble-makers quickly acquired a significant number of such Traders, and, using chop-shops in their bases in the Rusalka Belt, modified them into fully-fledged corsair craft; their weak Multifocal Lasers were replaced by much more intimidating Reaper Batteries, armories wee installed, and their crew capacity was doubled to allow for a gang of four pirates to be carried, as well as up to six captives.

By the mid-3120's, these pirates have amassed so many of these ships that they could created the Chornaya Armada, or Black Armada, a huge pirate flotilla which terrorized nearby worlds. This was too much for the Restored Alkonost Republic, which sent its navy in 3127 to put an end to this threat. While most of the Chornaya Armada was wiped up by the Republic Navy, this set of modifications is highly common in the hands of pirates, smugglers, criminals and even honest merchants in search for a ship with a bigger gun and a larger passenger capacity.

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