Saturday, January 25, 2014

[Alkonost] Konya-class Light Merchant

Hull: Free Merchant
Power: 10/2 free
Mass: 15/7 free
Hardpoints: 2/2 free

Cost: 820,000
Budget Points: 4
Annual Maintenance: 0
Annual Payroll: 1
Total Annual Cost: 1

Hit Points: 20
Crew: 1/12
Speed: +3
Armour: 2
AC: 6

Weaponry: None
Defenses: None
Fittings: Spike Drive-2, Atmospheric Configuration, Fuel Scoops, Ship's Locker, Extended Life Support, Fuel Bunkers, Extended Stores, 140 tons of Cargo Space

Standard Crew: Pilot/Engineer and up to eleven passengers

The Konya-class Light Merchant (Konya meaning "Horse" in Russian), first produced in 3139 on Alkonost, was a quantum leap from the much older Mul. With doubled drill capacity and more than doubled passenger capacity, the Konyas ply the interstellar trade-routes all over the Alkonost Sector. Its main disadvantage when compared to the older Mul is its lack of armament; but its Fuel Bunkers allow it to drill away from danger even when emerging from a spike drill. It also has a much smaller cargo capacity, which is why many merchants who follow safer routes sometimes remove the Fuel Bunkers and Extended Stores in order to make room for more trade goods.

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