Saturday, January 25, 2014

[Alkonost] Liberator-class Frigate

Hull: Frigate
Power: 15/1 free
Mass: 15/0 free
Hardpoints: 6/4 free

Cost: 5,685,000
Budget Points: 28
Annual Maintenance: 3
Annual Payroll: 6
Total Annual Cost: 9

Hit Points: 40
Crew: 10/80
Speed: +2
Armour: 10
AC: 7

Weaponry: Charged Particle Caster (+3 to hit/3d6+1, AP 15, Clumsy)
Defenses: Hardened Polyceramic Overlay (-5 incoming AP)
Fittings: Spike Drive-3, Armoury, Atmospheric Configuration, Boarding Tubes, Drop Pod, Extended Stores, Lifeboats, Ship's Locker
Standard Crew: Captain (usually Commander), Astrogation: 3, Communications: 3, Deck: 8, Engineering: 3, Medical: 3, Supply: 2, Weapons: 3, Marines: 34. Total: 60 Crew.

First produced in 3185, the Liberator-class Frigate is now the mainstay of the Liberation Fleets, completely supplanting the aging Zoriya hand-me-downs from the Alkonost Republic. Built on Laana, these ships exemplify the Liberation Worlds' aggressive naval doctrine: strong anti-frigate and anti-cruiser offensive capabilities combined with a full Marine platoon for boarding actions and groundside operations. The Liberator's main weakness is against large numbers of fighters, but when operating defensibly in a Liberated Worlds system, Type-81 Interceptors are usually available for an anti-fighter role.

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