Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Outer Veil Review Alert!

My Outer Veil setting for Traveller has been reviewed by John of The Wandering Gamist blog. An excellent review! Go and read it! :)


  1. Hey Omer, I have a couple follow-up questions regarding OV.

    How much of the subsector mapping, system placement, and planet generation did you do by hand vs randomly? Do you have belt-value, bio-compat, and biosphere-type generation tables, for example?

    Are orbital habitats and labs common? The only one I recall seeing mentioned was Lagrange City, which suggests that the FNH has the tech to build them, but then most of the colony systems around hostile worlds are dome-cities rather than orbitals. Something to do with colony-claim law?

    I had another one, but I seem to have forgotten it. Will post if I remember.

    1. The generation was mostly random, using various throws based on area and star type, among other things. Governments, for example, used a custom table to reflect the distribution of government types in the FNH, and population was based on area. Other than that, most generation used MGT Hard Science worldgen rules.

      Look here for the biosphere rules (and similar rolls):

      Asteroid belt quality I'll have to dig for. It's probably in one of my older design documents.

      Planetary colonies are usually cheaper to build - essentially, you dig into the ground, or place a dome, rather than build an actual space station. Plus a lot of resources are planetside. But space stations and labs ARE common, sometimes using the hulls of old starships with the Jump Drive removed and sold off.