Monday, January 15, 2018

Tentative ACKS Sorcerer spell list

In my previous post, I presented the sorcerer - a spellcaster inspired by sword & sorcery literature, who is beyond the dichotomy between arcane and divine magic. Here I will list the sorcerer's initial spell list.

As noted, these are the sorcerer's spell type categories:

Blast - as cleric
Death - as mage
Detection - unavailable
Enchantment - as mage
Healing - as cleric
Illusion - unavailable
Movement - as cleric
Protection - standard as cleric and mage
Summoning - 75% of mage! The sorcerer's big forte.
Transmogrification - as mage
Wall - as cleric


* denotes a reversible spell
Italics denote a spell from the ACKS Player's Companion

Level 1:
Charm Person (Black Magic)
Choking Grip (Grey Magic)
Cure Light Wounds* (White Magic; the reverse is Black Magic)
Detect Magic (I include this despite being a Detection spell, for flavor reasons)
Protection from Chaos* (White Magic; the reverse is Black Magic)
Remove Fear* (White Magic; the reverse is Black Magic)
Resist Cold (White Magic)
Shield (White Magic)
Sleep (Grey Magic)
Summon Berserkers (Black Magic)
Unseen Servant (Black Magic)

Level 2:
Alter Self (White Magic)
Create Water (Grey Magic)
Deathless Minion (Black Magic)
Delay Poison (White Magic)
Hold Person (Grey Magic)
Resist Fire (White Magic)
Snake Charm (White Magic)
Summon Animals (White Magic)
Summon Winged Steed (Black Magic)
Summon Hero (Black Magic)
Wizard Lock (White Magic)

Level 3:
Call Lightning (Grey Magic)
Conjure Oozes (Black Magic)
Create Food (White Magic)
Cure Blindness (White Magic)
Cure Disease* (White Magic; the reverse is Black Magic)
Dispel Magic (White Magic)
Feign Death (Black Magic)
Infravision (White Magic)
Insect Plague (Grey Magic)
Levitate (Grey Magic)
Protection from Chaos, Sustained* (White Magic; the reverse is Black Magic)
Protection from Normal Missiles (White Magic)
Remove Curse* (White Magic; the reverse is Black Magic)
Summon Weather (White Magic)
Water Breathing (White Magic)
Web (White Magic)

Level 4:
Call Dragon (Black Magic)
Charm Monster (Black Magic)
Command Plants (Grey Magic)
Confusion (Grey Magic)
Conjure Elemental (Black Magic)
Control Undead (Black Magic)
Cure Serious Wounds (White Magic; the reverse is Black Magic)
Growth of Plants* (Grey Magic)
Magic Jar (Grey Magic? Is this Summoning?)
Massmorph (Grey Magic)
Neutralize Poison* (White Magic; the reverse is Black Magic)
Polymorph Other (Grey Magic)
Polymorph Self (White Magic)
Sticks to Snakes (Grey Magic)

Level 5:
Adaptation (White Magic)
Animate Dead (Black Magic)
Control Weather (White Magic; I read this as a Summoning spell)
Curse of Swine (Black Magic)
Dimension Door (White Magic)
Dispel Chaos (White Magic)
Feeblemind (Grey Magic)
Flame Strike (Grey Magic)
Hold Monster (Grey Magic)
Invisible Stalker (Black Magic)
Summon Djinni (Black Magic)
Sword of Fire (White Magic)
Transmute Rock to Mud* (Grey Magic)

Level 6:
Anti-Magic Shell (White Magic)
Death Spell (Black Magic)
Disintegrate (Black Magic)
Flesh to Stone* (White Magic; the reverse is Black Magic)
Haste* (White Magic, the reverse is Grey Magic)
Passwall (White Magic)
Reincarnate (Grey Magic?)
Torpor (Black Magic)
Trollblood (White Magic)
Wall of Fire (Grey Magic)
Wall of Ice (Grey Magic)

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