Saturday, March 30, 2013

Writing/Game Design Plans for 2013

Now that one quarter of 2013 has already passed, in retrospect I think that I have wasted much of my free time on having too many thoughts at once, too many projects and too many ideas. Of course, I was also busy with the failing relationship with my ex-fiancée (we are no longer a couple, though she still remains a good friend), as well as my thesis dissertation (about town planning at the Bedouin town of Rahat in southern Israel), but I did lack a good focus to my free-time work, and thus did not accomplish as much hobby stuff as I would have liked to.

So I have decided to put everything in order and focus on the things that are most dear to my heart. This comes in addition to my wargaming terrain plans for April-June 2013.

Main Project:
My main focus will be on working on further titles for my commercial Traveller setting - Outer Veil - published by Spica Publishing. This means finishing writing the first two Ships of the Outer Veil books, the 'Mishka'-class Prospecting Craft and the Phobos-class Jump Fighter; once done, I'll move to further ships down the line, as well as a horror adventure set on a remote colony, and then get back to the Asteroid Mining Rig book.

Secondary Projects:
1) I want to get back to work on my setting for Stars Without Number, the Alkonost Sector, which will be published piecemeal through Infinite Stars. I want to finish the first instalment of Alkonost by the end of June 2013.

2) I want to continue working on my Adventurer Conqueror King System (ACKS) setting, Barbarian Conqueror King, in all its pulpy sword-and-sorcery glory.

3) I want to continue working on my USE ME wargaming titles, namely Twilight of the Empires Basic and Advanced (Colonial and WWI gaming) and Star Smuggler (space-opera skirmish).

That's all. Everything else - ACKS: The Dark Project, space-opera Traveller and a post-apocalyptic variant on Swords & Wizardry, tentatively called Frostburn - which is done in collaboration with Kelly "K-Slacker" Roberge of Tempora Mutantur fame - are on hiatus at least until USE ME TotE and USE ME Star Smuggler, as well as the first instalment of Alkonost, would be ready.


  1. Hello Omer,

    Sounds like you are as busy as I am with projects. Sorry to hear of your relationship ending. I am looking forward to reading the finished USEME TotE manuscript.


  2. I'm currently hard at work with Nick on the rules. There are some major clarifications and major additions to the USE ME rules, though length would still be manageable.