Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Space Cockroach's Three-Month Plan

So much unpainted lead, so little time to paint it. As you might have recalled, I have decided to stop buying new miniatures and terrain until I'll finish painting and basing my current high mountain of unpainted lead. Not only am I in a lean time, financially speaking (between jobs and living from savings and freelance translation contracts), as well as almost out of storage space, but there is little point in spending money on miniatures while I have tens, if not hundreds, of unpainted miniatures still waiting to be painted.

But miniatures are not enough; what I need right now is terrain to game in. I do have a good number of (mostly unassembled) buildings from Proxie Models, enough to assemble a semi-ruined town of good size. I also have an ample supply of Plasticard to use for basing and roofs. With the addition of assorted junk, I could build myself Novi Pripyat in all its blasted-out glory.

Here are some buildings I have already erected, but not yet finished or painted:

Here are three storage tanks to go along with this:

So my plans for the April-June 2013 period are:

1) Finish the Ruined City 15mm-scale terrain set. This could be used for:
2) Finish up my Mars gaming board for introducing 15mm gaming to the Nexus gaming club in Rishon Lezion (about 20 minutes by bus from where I live in Rehovot). They already have a gaming mat, Easter island heads and some domes; it needs a few more domes, an alien "face" and a pyramid.

Everything else - tanks, miniatures and WH40K - will come later.

What do you think?

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  1. I salute you sir! As a fellow gamer also pinching the proverbial drachmas and running out of storage space I am attempting a similar consolidation myself.