Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Vera Singh - first President of the United Terran Republic

A bit of flavor and background for These Stars Are Ours! - Stellagama Publishing's space-opera setting for the Cepheus Engine and other 2D6 OGL Sci-Fi games.
President Vera Singh
of the United Terran Republic
art by Anthony Suorez

Vera Singh (2182-2255) was the United Terran Republic's founding (grand)mother, or "Granny Vera" as many Terrans refer to her - the UTR's first president and before that leader of the resistance fighting for Terra's freedom from its old Reticulan masters.

She was born in 2182 and fought in the Chiwak Wars, in the Terran Expeditionary Army which back then was an auxiliary force for the Reticulan Empire. She enlisted in 2200 and mustered out in 2216 as a Sergeant after four terms of service. From there she ended up in the Returnees' Circles and the Resistance. She suffered some serious injuries at the war, leaving her scarred. Official portraits are typically from the mid-2230's, in the early War, when she was in her 50's. She died at a very young age in 23rd century terms (73 - the average Terran life span, combat deaths aside, is well above 100) in 2255, possibly from lingering inoperable injuries from her combat days against the Chiwak.

Hero of Terran Reconstruction Medal
Highest Terran non-combat award.
Bearing President Singh's portrait.
art by Anthony Suorez
The term "Granny Vera" also refers to the UTR government as a whole, as she became a symbol of the UTR and, during her tenure, synonymous with it. The current President Shen dislikes this, and so does his administrator, but people's sentiments are a stubborn thing. Singh's face is also on the Cr10 bill, which has earned it the nickname "Granny", i.e. "I'll give you five grannies for this, i.e. Cr50 in five Cr10 bills.

So raise a toast to ol' Vera and the Republic she has built!

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