Monday, February 8, 2016

Something Wicked This Way Comes...

I am proud to announce that we have submitted our very first product - the first product ever - of Stellagama Publishing to Drive Through RPG (DTRPG). Fingers crossed, it will be approved soon and then made available for your gaming pleasure! This is Scum and Villainy - a supplement for the White Star™ sci-fi RPG detailing interstellar criminals, as well as stealth rules and the tools of interstellar crime!

Here is the FTRPG overview:

Proud aristocrats, brave mercenaries, dashing pilots and loyal star knights populate the spacelanes of the White Star galaxy. However, they are not alone. Beside the brave heroes with shining star-swords, other people ply the ocean of stars in search of profit and glory. Among these are the less savoury of spacefarers. In the bowels of interstellar society, one may find them – the scum of the galaxy: namely, lethal assassins and stealthy rogues. They might live in whatever wretched hive in the far colonies or in the stinking underbelly of a great arcology in the core. But regardless of their habitat, their stories are also stuff of legends, parallel to those of their more scrupulous brethren: stories of cunning heists, daring escapes, cleverly executed plans to bring down a tyrant – and, indeed, outsmarting the Consortium and all other stuffed-shirt, dour-faced authority-figures who think they can tell the free-spirited scoundrel what he can and cannot do.

This humble booklet offers the White Star™ player and Rreferee two new classes. First is the Assassin – a man (or woman!) trained in the art of precise killing and stealth. Second is the Rogue, a thief or spy skilled in getting into places people do not wish him to enter. Together with them, we present you with clarified and expanded stealth rules, two new ship modifications, five new weapons and two new pieces of gear. Altogether, we hope that this will open a secret door for you into the world of interstellar crime!


  1. Excellent! Will this be available in print?

    1. Thanks! It will not be not in print right now due to teh complexity of turning it into a PoD product in terms of layout, but it is a printer-friendly 17-page PDF.