Monday, May 26, 2014

Dark Nebula: Traveller it is!

I have decided that I'll develop Dark Nebula for Classic Traveller. The main reason for this is that Dark Nebula, at its core, is a Traveller setting. And Classic Traveller is a great, and very freeform, ruleset. HOWEVER, I also intend to insert bits and pieces of Stars Without Number into it, namely world tags (factions would be more difficult to convert as they use the SWN OD&D-inspired mechanics). World tags, after all, are system-neutral, and so are the various plot hooks arising from them. I'll fit them, however, to the already-existing Traveller UWPs and trade classifications of this area of space.

So Traveller it is for Dark Nebula!


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    1. Yep, Traveller is one of the best RPGs ever.

  2. pssst...given the enjoyment I get from this blog, Ive nominated you for the.....drum roll.....

    Liebster award......(yes Id never heard of it either....:))

    Beware the fame, offers from ladies and fortune....