Sunday, October 20, 2013

ACKS - Lizardman Gladiator

The corrupt nobles of Kanahu take pride in breeding and training their choicest slaves - the Lizardman Gladiators, bred over centuries to produce bloodlines of unmatched martial prowess, and trained from birth to be ferocious on the arena floor. These gladiators possess a level of savagery unknown even in the best Human fighters, or even Punt's best-known Lizardman Warriors, as generations of artificial selection and a lifetime of combat have honed their senses beyond those of common fighting Men and Lizardmen.

Lizardman Gladiators follow the rules for Thrassian Gladiators as presented on the ACKS Player's Companion pp.41-42, with the following exceptions:
  • Their Claws deal 1d3-1 damage and their fangs deal 1d6-1 damage.
  • They lack Infavision.
  • They lack the Inhuman penalty and bonus.
In ACKS Terms, they are Lizardman 2 + HD 2 + Fighter 2 (total 3 including the Lizardman bonus).

Here is also a new level progression table for them:

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