Monday, June 13, 2016

Coming this Summer from Stellagama Publishing: The Plague Ship!

Coming this August from Stellagama Publishing - The Plague Ship!

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The Medium Transport “Koschei” silently hurtles through space at an odd trajectory, transmitting a garbled distress signal. Its engines are offline, its reactor in minimal power settings, and lights flicker erratically from its viewports. What has happened to the “Koschei”? From where did it jump, and why did it fall silent? The intrepid heroes – brave Star Marines, unlucky salvagers, or perhaps hapless colonists carried into cryo-storage on board the ship itself – will have to investigate this deadly mystery, laser in hand and with an eye always watching the corners. For the Plague Ship “Koshcei” bears dark horror, ready to corrupt and devour any who cross their paths with it.

This short horror adventure, designed for the White Star(TM) sci-fi role-playing game, is intended for 4-8 characters of levels 1-3, of varied classes. It confronts the player characters with alien horrors from stars unknown on board a derelict starship which once carried colonists to distant worlds, but which was infected and infested on the way. Prepare your trusty laser, and watch your back!

This is an adventure I really enjoy writing - horror, exploration, and colonial marines! What's not to like!

  • Full deck plans for a Medium Transport with detachable cargo pods
  • Open-ended spaceborne horror adventure. The players decide what to do with the infested ship
  • 5 new monsters - xenoparasite-infested mutants, mutated biomass, and a maintenance drone
  • New weapons - flamethrowers (!), heavy lasers, dartguns, and gas grenades
  • Play as colonial marines! Or as shipboard survivors; or as salvagers
  • 3 page-long printable handouts for your players' reading pleasure

Stars Without Number version also in the works!