Monday, February 23, 2015

Monster Monday: Giant Roaches for Classic Traveller!

Well, this is the Space Cockroach's Hideout, isn't it? So how about some unrealistically large roaches for your Classic Traveller gaming needs?

Giant Cockroach
Gatherer, Swarm (3d6), 25kg, hits 8/5, as Mesh, "Teeth" (mandibulae; 2D damage), A9, F3, S3

The Giant Cockroach is a giant - and particularly disgusting - version of the common cockroach, reaching up to 60cm in length not including antennae (which add another 30cm!) and weighting about 25 kilograms. While giant cockroaches feed on trash and other smelly substances found in sewers and not on flesh, and are cowardly insects to boot, they will fight to defend their nests and territories, and may stage an opportunistic attack on weak adventurers. Note that the giant cockroach is highly resistant to radiation, as well as to most toxins and pathogens.

Gatherer, Solitary or Swarm (1d6), 800kg, hits 25/10, as Cloth, "Teeth" (mandibulae; 5D damage), A5, F8, S2

The Dreaded Balroach is a horribly nauseating cockroach larger than a horse. While it is an omnivore and scavenger rather than a predator, it will fiercely defend its lair and may see weak adventurers as food. Its horrid appearance and unsightly behavior make it a menace whenever it emerges from its sewerly warrens to scavenge in the dwellings of humanity! The Balroach is immune to almost all toxins and diseases as well as to most dosages of radiation except for extremely high doses.

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