Sunday, December 5, 2010


I've painted up a bunch of STALKERs - that is, ragged post-apocalyptic survivors, mostly with gas masks. The minis are Post-Apocalyptic Survivors and Rim Mercenaries, as well as one I got from there as an added bonus to their USE ME ruleset.

So here they are:


  1. Great job on these Omer.


  2. I just recieved a bunch of Post-Apocalyptics/Rim Mercenaries I have ordered from 15mm and I am everything but happy with them:

    a) the older "rim mercenaries" trio of figure are TERRIBLY UNDERSIZED compared to the newer 'command' and 'heavy weapons' threesomes they have released, to the point of non-compatibility; being the stubborn ass that I am I'll try to file the larger figures' bases as much as I can before sticking them on thin washers while the smaller older figs will get attached over thicker Euro-cent coins to try and compensate their height difference, I hope once painted in a common colour scheme, seen at 'gaming distance' over a table the differences won't bee too glaring.

    2) the detail on the Post-Apocaliptic dudes is so bad it's almost non-extant, the gasmasked dudes having badly mangled blobs of metal over their faces, I'll try to repair this with some green stuff. They should dump their worn out molds and make new ones.

    I was thinking of placing another order for their new 'Security Force Alpha' releases...but I don't know, perhaps it would better to save my money for better upcoming ranges like ArmiesArmy's Neo-Brits and CMG's ZAS mercenaries...:(