Friday, November 16, 2012

The Space Cockroach and the current War in Gaza

Israel, the country I live in, is currently engaged in a brushfire war (which could escalate into a full-scale war) with Hamas in and around the Gaza Strip. For the last several years, Hamas and other, smaller groups were launching rockets from Gaza into southern Israel, with relatively little physical effect (they rarely hit anything) but a big psychological effect putting a lot of fear into the locals' lives. A few days ago, Israel killed the Hamas military leader by the way of precision airstrike, prompting Hamas to launch rockets at Israel en-masse. Israel, of course, responded in force. BIG force - a lot of aerial bombardment of the Gaza Strip.

So far 3 Israeli civilians and 28 Palestinians - mostly civilians - have been killed in the current round of the conflict.

This evening, the Israeli government has decided to call 75,000 reserve soldiers into active duty. This probably means ground war.

I wanted to reassure you that I live in Rehovot, outside the range of most Hamas rockets, and study in Tel-Aviv; therefore, I'm in the area which is rarely hit. I'm also not in the IDF or its Reserve. So I'll be fine, I think...


  1. Holy crap, dude. Stay as safe as you can, and good luck.

  2. I have been listening to this over the last two days on BBC Radio 4 and looked up Rehovot to see where you were. I had hoped, as you said, you were safe. Hopefully the situation will calm down before too long.


  3. Many thanks for your concern! I will do my best to stay safe. :)

  4. I hope this all calms down soon, stay safe.